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Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan starts centralized drug procurement

The Ministry of Health of Kyrgyzstan has begun a centralized purchase of drugs and medical products. The press center of the ministry reported.

It examined the need of medical institutions in drugs, collected procurement plans from organizations throughout the country. They indicate the volumes and prices of the last auction.

The ministry noted that the main reason for centralized procurement was problems with the purchase of essential medicines in remote regions of the country.

«Because of the small volume, pharmaceutical companies are not interested in participation in tenders, there are significant differences in prices for the same drug,» the ministry said.

The state procurement portal announced a tender for the purchase of medicines and medical products for 119 health care organizations.

The Health Ministry added that it has experience in centralized procurement. In such a way, it gets chemotherapeutic agents, hemodialysis services, vaccines, immunosuppressors, insulin, tuberculin and etc.

«In 2018, thanks to centralized procurement, the ministry has saved over 44 million soms,» it said.