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President's message: Sadyr Japarov tells how he plans to run country

The President of Kyrgyzstan signed a new Constitution today.

Sadyr Japarov addressed a message to the people. He told how he would run the country.

According to him, if we do not change the management system, then the action plan that has been determined will not be translated into reality.

The new Constitution lays the foundation for such changes. Duplicate positions of the Presidential and Government Executive Offices will soon be eliminated, the head of state reminded.

Kyrgyzstan will have a control unit for four areas of executive power:

  • The Cabinet of Ministers organizes uninterrupted and effective functioning of all public services that provide conditions for the normal life of people;
  • The Security Council coordinates the structures responsible for security and crisis management;
  • The system for management of country’s development is created on the basis of the National Council for Sustainable Development and its secretariat. This structure works under the direct supervision of the President of the country, deals with strategic issues, large investment projects, groups for preparation and implementation of reforms, and also oversees national programs;
  • A separate block for development of national culture, science and education, re-identification of Kyrgyz society (national revival) and interaction with Kyrgyz diasporas abroad will be created.

Sadyr Japarov added that the Secretary of State would work in this direction. His or her functions include issues of ideology, education, cooperation with civil society, interethnic and interreligious harmony.

«The proposals and recommendations that I have formulated today are contained in the presidential strategy for the country’s development for the medium term. The draft of this strategy is ready. I instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to do this, and they will submit a program for implementation of the strategy to the Parliament for consideration,» Sadyr Japarov said.

He added that he intends to report annually to the People’s Kurultai on implementation of the president’s action plan.