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Drivers stuck on mountain passes complain about lack of assistance

More than a hundred cars got stuck on Otmok mountain pass in Kyrgyzstan yesterday due to snow storm. Drivers of cars told on social media.

According to them, the cars are covered with snow, they have to be dug out with a shovel. «There is no help, there are women and children. Everyone is ready to go on foot, because you can die from the cold here. There are no graders and representatives of the road maintenance facility. They said they had no diesel fuel. The video was shot yesterday afternoon,» one of them says.

However, the press service of the Ministry of Transport, Architecture, Construction and Communications said today that they completed work on clearing snow and opened the road for cars on Too-Ashuu, Ala-Bel and Otmok passes.

«Karakol — Enilchek road is closed today due to avalanches. The issue will be resolved in the next 24 hours,» the ministry said.