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Draft of new Constitution needs improvement, media experts believe

Experts of Media Policy Institute believe that the draft of the new version of the Constitution of Kyrgyzstan needs serious revision.

They analyzed the document posted on the website of the Parliament.

According to lawyers, the draft, in contrast to the current Constitution, significantly restricts the rights of citizens to freedom of peaceful assembly. The wording of Part 4 Article 10 «in order to protect the younger generation, events that contradict moral and ethical values, public perception of the people of the Kyrgyz Republic, may be limited by law» is extremely vague and does not have characteristic features, the propriety of which can be determined or measured, and therefore can be arbitrarily interpreted by the performers.

Experts note that the new Constitution establishes unnecessary discriminatory obligations for public associations.

The draft Basic Law is subject to legal, human rights, gender, environmental, anti-corruption and other scientific expertise. Its results should be made available to the public.

The draft Constitution also contains norms that unreasonably restrict inalienable human rights and freedoms, in particular, freedom of expression, the right to a peaceful assembly, association.

In this regard, the draft needs serious revision, taking into account the abovementioned comments and suggestions, as well as with the obligatory conducting of high-quality relevant types of expertise established by law.