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Klara Sooronkulova intends to appeal against results of presidential elections

Candidate for the post of president of Kyrgyzstan Klara Sooronkulova intends to appeal against the results of the snap presidential elections in the Administrative Court of Bishkek. She herself told 24.kg news agency.

According to her, the Central Election Commission was to check legitimacy of acquittal of Sadyr Japarov by the Supreme Court.

The politician insists: the Central Election Commission should not have registered Sadyr Japarov without making sure that his convictions have been removed from official records. This is what Article 4 of the Law on Elections of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic and Deputies of the Parliament says.

According to preliminary results, the presidential form holds the lead in the plebiscite with 81.54 percent of the votes (80.93 percent according to the automatically reading ballot boxes), in the elections — Sadyr Japarov with 79.28 percent (according to automatically reading ballot boxes, he won 79.16 percent of the votes).

Snap presidential elections and referendum on form of government were held in Kyrgyzstan on January 10.