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School built at the expense of anti-corruption funds opened in Osh

Acting President, Speaker of Parliament of Kyrgyzstan Talant Mamytov took part in the opening of an additional building of Nariman secondary school located in Osh city.

He noted that the school, designed for 1,200 schoolchildren, was previously attended by about 4,000 children. He admitted that it was difficult to talk about the quality of the knowledge the children receive in such conditions.

«The erected additional building solves the problem of the shortage of student places in the school. But the problem is still acute in many other,» he said.

Talant Mamytov outlined promising directions for development of the education system in the country, its main priorities.

«The ideas of patriotism — love for the homeland, service to the state — are absorbed along with education and upbringing. Some schools teach according to new programs, others according to the old ones. Unfortunately, all this is connected with the state of the country’s economy,» Talant Mamytov said.

According to him, children need to be taught modern IT technologies and languages, and in the senior grades, it is necessary to consider the possibility of introducing programs for teaching professions.

«A child who has received a good education and upbringing will always find a job in the future. The duty of the state is to create all conditions for our citizens to work successfully in their homeland,» he said.

The construction work, which began in 2019, was financed from the single deposit account, where funds from the fight against corruption were accumulated.

The three-storey educational building consists of 24 classrooms, as well as a canteen, a medical office, teachers’ offices, a library and a reading hall.