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Kubatbek Boronov promises to personally check new and redesigned hospitals

«I will personally check readiness of the new and redesigned hospitals, as well as the quality of construction and repair work,» the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Kubatbek Boronov said at a meeting of the Republican Emergence Response Center.

«According to the reports submitted to us, everything is fine. In fact, the situation is somewhat different, it differs from the reports. I intend to personally visit every hospital built and redesigned and get acquainted with the real state of affairs. These medical institutions should first of all be provided with the medical equipment that was sorely lacking at the very peak of the incidence. These are ventilators, X-rays and computed tomography machines, as well as air recirculators,» he said.

The head of Government noted that it is important to provide ambulance centers with cars.

«During the peak of the pandemic, one of the main problems was the lack of cars and ambulances. Bishkek, where a significant part of the population lives, was serviced by only 38 cars. This is very small number. By June, we added a couple of dozen cars, as well as mobile crews. The situation did not improve. Many calls were left unanswered or medics arrived late. Therefore, it is important to provide our cities and villages with a sufficient number of ambulances,» Kubatbek Boronov stressed.

According to the Ministry of Health, by the end of the year, more than 115 ambulances will be delivered to the country within projects of international donors.

«Provision with ambulances is an important task. At the same time, teams of qualified doctors are needed to work for them. The Ministry of Health must resolve this issue. Coordination of the work of the ambulance center with medical institutions should be established. Practice has shown that many ambulance teams drove around the city and could not find a place in the hospital to hospitalize the patient. It shouldn’t be like that. We need to do a good job on the interaction algorithm of all the services involved,» the Prime Minister said.