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Number of children suffering from diabetes grows in Kyrgyzstan

The number of children suffering from diabetes is growing in Kyrgyzstan. Alimzhan Koshmuratov, Associate Professor of the Medical Faculty of KRSU told 24.kg news agency.

According to him, type II diabetes mellitus develops as a result of improper personal policies (sedentary lifestyle, overeating, overweight, excessive consumption of certain foods). Type I diabetes in children can appear as a complication after cold, flu, and so on.

The economic situation and insufficient medical awareness of parents lead to the fact that the disease is diagnosed late.

Alimzhan Koshmuratov

He added that there is no unambiguous approach to the problem of children with diabetes even in the central schools of Bishkek, not to mention the periphery. «In many schools, size of first-aid posts is only 6 square meters. Inclusive education for children with diabetes mellitus is necessary and possible under certain conditions (mandatory medical examination, awareness of teachers). Teachers should be aware of the diabetes and understand the needs of children with this diagnosis,» the Assistant Professor stressed.

According to data for 2019, at least 922 patients under the age of 18 with type I and II diabetes mellitus have been registered in Kyrgyzstan.