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Pneumonia in Bishkek: Ambulance service receives up to 5,000 calls daily

The Head Physician of the Center for Emergency Medicine Iskender Shayakhmetov told 24.kg news agency that the flow of calls with symptoms of coronavirus infection and pneumonia is not decreasing. 103 service receives up to 5,000 calls per day.

According to him, the day before there were 795 calls, 98 of which concerned only pneumonia. In general, teams of doctors have managed to serve only 360 calls.

«The problem with hospitalization remains. A department was opened today at the National Hospital for patients in grave condition, and for moderate patients — at Semetei observation unit on the basis of the former American airbase. But the epidemiological situation is extremely unfavorable, the number of calls is very high. Six additional brigades started working,» Iskender Shayakhmetov said.

The problem is also that our employees get infected, both doctors and nurses.

Iskender Shayakhmetov

At least 18 people have died from community-acquired pneumonia for the last 24 hours, including 8 people all over the republic and 10 — in Bishkek. During the day the indicator grew by 10 percent.

In total, 195 people have died from pneumonia since March 2020.