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Bishkek City Hall to appeal to court to ban rallies in capital

Bishkek City Hall will go to court to ban rallies in the capital. Press service of the City Hall reported.

According to it, the City Hall assesses the rally as riots with attempts to block the streets, attack the police, seize the White House, damage property of the business and destroy elements of city improvement.

«It is clear that organizers of the protest needed riots to destabilize the situation in the country. All this worries citizens, business and tourists. Blackmailing, unrest, permissiveness and anarchy only exacerbate real problems, and it all ends in tragedy. There are examples in the history of our republic. All this was done not for the benefit of the people, but for the sake of someone’s political and selfish goals,» the press service noted.

The City Hall reminded that there was an agreement with the organizers of the rally that they would hold a rally and disperse peacefully.

«But by their actions they simply forced the police to use force, which in this situation was completely adequate,» the City Hall stressed.

It thanked employees for fulfilling their duty and maintaining order in the capital.

«In connection with the recent events on Ala-Too square, as well as with the threat of an epidemic of the coronavirus, the Bishkek City Hall, using its right, is forced to appeal to the court to ban rallies in the city center,» they added.