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Smog in Bishkek. Residents ask to introduce state of emergency in capital

The Government of Kyrgyzstan is asked to introduce a state of emergency in Bishkek due to smog. Such a petition was posted on change.org website.

As the document says, air quality in the capital is dangerous to human health.

«On December 1, 2019, traffic lights were not visible in Bishkek due to the dark cloud hanging over the city. This is the end. I breathe this air, my children, my parents, my relatives breathe it. The harm done to our health is irreparable, but adults must protect Bishkek’s children from cancer, asthma, heart diseases and all other diseases associated with smog and the dangerous level of air pollution,» author of the petition says.

The Government of Kyrgyzstan should impose a state of emergency in Bishkek due to smog.

The petition notes that according to the law, an emergency situation is «the situation in a certain territory of the Kyrgyz Republic as a result of a dangerous natural or man-made phenomenon, accident, catastrophe, natural or other disaster, impact of modern means of destruction, which can entail or have entailed human victims, damage to human health or the environment, significant material losses and violation of human living conditions.»

«Damage to our health is evident, it is visible to the naked eye. Healthy people suffer from labored breathing in Bishkek. Violation of the conditions of life is evident. People are not recommended to go out,» the document says.