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Kyrgyzstan to get new ambulances from Russia in 2020

New ambulances will be delivered from Russia to Kyrgyzstan in 2020. Minister of Health of Kyrgyzstan Cosmosbek Cholponbaev announced today at a meeting.

According to him, negotiations on the delivery of reanimobiles have almost been completed and a large batch is expected next year. The official assured that the fleet would be updated significantly. «As for 15 vehicles that caused a scandal in 2018, they are standing in the garage and the case was sent to the fiscal authorities,» Cosmosbek Cholponbaev explained.

Recall, Germany has allocated a grant of €1.18 million to Kyrgyzstan for the purchase of 15 ambulances and equipment for them. The supply contract was signed in March 2017. The vehicles were supposed to be delivered by June 22, and put into operation — by July 22. They were cleared only in December, but not a single ambulance was put into operation for a year and a half.

The created commission revealed a number of discrepancies in the technical parameters during inspection of the vehicles. International experts concluded that 8 out of 15 cars can be accepted after elimination of deficiencies. But later it was decided that not a single vehicle could be taken into operation.