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Kyrgyzstan expects export growth thanks to green economy

«Thanks to the principles of green economy, we plan to step up and unlock the export potential in the supply of organic products,» said the Deputy Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Zamirbek Askarov at the World Green Economy Summit held in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

According to him, nowadays, the country is actively working to create a legislative framework for adapting the economy to the switch to green principles. The practice of introducing and supporting technologies aimed at creating resource-saving and energy-saving industries is being studied. The Government is developing a five-year program for transition to a green economy.

«In the framework of the Year of Regional Development and Digitization, we intend to introduce the principles of the green economy for the development of regions. It is planned to develop green energy in the regions rich in water and energy resources by opening up renewable energy sources. As for agricultural areas where it is more profitable to grow fruit crops, it is advisable to switch to perennial fruit- bearing shrubs. Thus, we want to step up and unlock our unique export potential for supply of organic products,» Zamirbek Askarov stressed.