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Milk price higher in Bishkek than in Nur-Sultan and Minsk

Milk is more expensive in Bishkek city than in Nur-Sultan and Minsk. The National Statistical Committee of the Kyrgyz Republic reported.

In July, an average retail milk price in Bishkek was higher than the prices registered in Nur-Sultan — by 10.8 percent and Minsk — by 4.1 percent. A liter of pasteurized milk costs $ 0.74 in Bishkek, in Nur-Sultan — $ 0.66, in Minsk — $ 0.71.

In addition, average prices for bread from first-grade flour in Bishkek exceeded their level in Nur-Sultan by 38.3 percent and eggs — by 15.1 percent in July.

The maximum average consumer price for potatoes of $ 0.64 per kilogram among the capitals of EEU was registered in Moscow, and the minimum retail price of $ 0.33 per kilogram — in Bishkek.

The lowest prices for beef ($ 4.38 per kilogram) are in Minsk, for first-grade flour ($ 0.42 per kilogram) and mutton ($ 4.29 per kilogram) — in Bishkek.