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Search for Kazakh climbers at Pobeda Peak in Kyrgyzstan stopped

Search for missing Almaty climbers in the Tien Shan mountains was stopped. Tengrinews.kz reported with reference to members of the search and rescue operation.

According to it, military climbers sent for search returned. They found neither the missing nor their traces.

The head of the search and rescue operation Vasily Pivtsov said that the weather did not allow to search for the people.

«There are no traces visually. Scanning by a thermal imager also brought no result. On August 21, there was low cloud cover in the area of ​​Pobeda Peak. We were waiting for good weather for a day and took off on August 22. No result. An increased avalanche hazard persists, which does not allow us to continue the search,» he said.

Search for climbers from Almaty Murat Otepbaev and Andrey Korneev, who went missing in the Tien Shan mountains, continues since August 19. They were last time contacted on August 16. Then they reported about death of the third participant of the ascent Alexander Chechulin.

The Mountaineering Federation of Almaty reported that there were no chances to find Kazakh climbers Murat Otepbaev and Andrey Korneev alive at Pobeda Peak in Kyrgyzstan.