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SCNS: Deputy commander of Alpha was shot to kill

Usen Niyazbekov, deputy commander of Alpha special forces, was shot to kill, in the heart. The Chairman of the State Committee for National Security of Kyrgyzstan Orozbek Opumbaev told today at a press conference.

According to him, not a single person was injured by special forces. Almazbek Atambayev had firearms.

«He shot six times towards the Alpha unit. All six shots were confirmed — this is the death of Usen Niyazbekov and the wounds of other servicemen of the special forces. A forensic examination revealed that he was shot in the heart, to kill. It is a cynical murder. The investigation will prove this in the legal field,» said Orozbek Opumbaev.

He added that not a single resident or supporter was wounded.

«The special forces could use weapons, but they did not. A sniper rifle, two zinc boxes with a thousand rounds of ammunition, rifles, pistols were found at the site. Atambayev has carefully prepared,» Orozbek Opumbaev told.