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MP proposes penal sanctions for attempt to falsify election results

Aida Ismailova, a deputy of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan, proposes to prosecute those who try to attack the State Information System (SIS) and influence the election results.

She noted that on October 15, 2017, when the Kyrgyzstanis elected the president, as of 9 p.m., the SIS has been attacked 18,358 times. The initiated changes in the Criminal Code, Code of Violations and Misconduct were submitted for public discussion.

Aida Ismailova believes that such acts should be criminalized. She stressed that voters selling their votes should be fined under the Code of Violations.

«At the presidential election in 2017, at least 30 appeals about bribery were received. Information on ten of them was not confirmed. The Internal Affairs Departments refused to initiate criminal proceedings on 6 of them. The materials on 11 facts were sent to the judiciary. As for the rest, the judicial authorities decided to dismiss the cases in connection with the reconciliation of the parties,» the MP added.

She believes that it is necessary to punish those candidates who, when submitting documents to the Central Election Commission, hid information about citizenship of another country.