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At least 1.4 million Kyrgyzstanis live below the poverty line

At least 1,429,000 people in Kyrgyzstan lived below the poverty line in 2018. These are the updated data of the National Statistical Committee based on the results of a household survey.

In 2018, about 22.4 percent of the population were poor. More than 35,000 people of them lived below the extreme poverty line. At the same time, the poverty level decreased in rural areas by 4.8 percent, and in cities — by 0.4 percent in 2018.

«There is still a high density of the population near the poverty line. An analysis of the poverty line sensitivity shows that, with the current well-being indicator unchanged in 2018 and the poverty line rate growth of 5 percent, or 136 soms per month, the proportion of the poor increases by 3.6 percent. And with a 5 percent drop in the poverty line, the proportion of the poor decreases by 4.3 percent,» the message says.