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Scandal with Imankadyr Rysaliev. OSCE commentary

The OSCE Programme Office made a statement after the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan appealed to the Ambassador Pierre von Arx with a recommendation to recall the scandalous head of the Open Government Secretariat Imankadyr Rysaliev.

«The OSCE believes that Open Government is an excellent tool that promotes cooperation of state bodies with the population, increases the efficiency of the state, transparency of the provision of services to the population, and helps to curb corruption. Therefore, it is important to ensure the continuation of the Open Government process in Kyrgyzstan, as it is comprehensive, carried out jointly by state structures and civil society with an equal share of their participation,» the statement says.

The OSCE stresses that the support of the organization is impartial, and it supported the Open Government at the request of the previous government and continues to provide assistance to the current government, since the Open Government serves the interests of Kyrgyzstan and its citizens.

In accordance with the appeal of the Prime Minister of the country, Ambassador Pierre von Arx proposes the National Forum to choose a candidate for the post of head of the Secretariat. Pierre von Arx stresses that this is a sovereign decision of Kyrgyzstan and the OSCE has no authority (that is a mandate) to intervene in the procedure.

Earlier, Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev said that Imankadyr Rysaliev should leave the post of the head of the National Forum Open Government. He recommended recalling the scandalous gray figure from office.

Imankadyr Rysaliev turned out to be at the center of the scandal after the general public became aware of the lobbying by officials of the project on creation of another state-owned cellular operator KT Mobile. Rysaliyev’s son was registered as a Deputy Director at the non-working company and had the highest salary.

It was decided to create a deputy commission to study the activities of the company KT Mobile after the scandal with the participation of relatives of the Prime Minister Mukhammedkaly Abylgaziev. It became known at the meeting of the commission that Imankadyr Rysaliev threatened the head of MegaCom cellular company.

Imankadyr Rysaliev resigned only after a public statement by the Prime Minister.