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Supporters of Murat Sutalinov gather at Bishkek City Court

Supporters of the former head of the National Security Service (now the State Committee for National Security) Murat Sutalinov gathered at the City Court building in Bishkek.

Judicial board, chaired by Adis Momunaliev, is to consider the issue of release of Murat Sutalinov on parole today.

About 50 people came to support the ex-head of the special services. Supporters hold posters «Freedom to General Sutalinov,» «Show Humanism.»

Earlier, the judicial board of the Bishkek City Court, which is considering the appeal of lawyers of Murat Sutalinov about his early release, decided to interrogate the doctor participating in the commission that confirmed last stage kidney cancer.

According to the verdict of the Supreme Court in a criminal case on April 7, 2010 events, Murat Sutalinov was sentenced to 25 years in prison with confiscation of property. The former head of the National Security Service has cancer in the terminal stage. He is being kept in prison 47. Every two weeks, Murat Sutalinov is taken to the National Oncology Center for chemotherapy.