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Kyrgyzstan plans to change order of registration of unemployed

It is proposed to change the order of registration of the unemployed in Kyrgyzstan. The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the country submitted amendments to the law on Promoting Employment of the Population for public discussion.

The ministry proposes to change the regulation according to which the registration of citizens in employment services as unemployed or seeking work is carried out at a place of their permanent residence.

«However, the norm creates serious barriers and affects the situation of internal migrants. It is difficult for them to obtain access to social services without a residence permit. Therefore, the draft law proposes to replace the words «permanent residence» with «residence,» which provides for both the place of permanent residence and the place of actual residence. This will allow to solve the issue of providing migrants with guaranteed state services at the place of their stay,» background statement to the draft law says.

The ministry believes that change of the procedure for recognizing citizens as unemployed will increase the number of citizens applying to employment services.

According to the ministry, the total unemployment rate in Kyrgyzstan in 2018 was 6.9 percent, official unemployment — 2.8 percent. Over the year, 147,900 people applied to employment services, 90,800 were registered as job seekers, which is 5.6 percent more than in 2017 (85,200).