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34 circus artists of Kyrgyzstan submit letters of resignation in protest

At least 34 artists of the Kyrgyz State Circus named after A. Izibaev submitted letters of resignation in protest.

Led by the head of the troupe, Daniyar Bolokbaev, the artists came to the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism. They laid down their awards, cups, diplomas in front of the entrance to the building.

«We give them to the Ministry of Culture. One of the candidates for the post of the director of the circus, former deputy minister of culture Farhad Bekmanbetov, accused us of arbitrariness in the circus in recent years, theft of 20 million soms. So, we brought everything we have — our rewards. And we will file a lawsuit against Bekmanbetov,» Daniyar Bolokbaev told.

He added that he and his colleagues were fed up with these games around the circus director’s post. «We, the creative team, unanimously supported the well-known artist, archer Aida Akmatova,» Daniyar Bolokbaev reminded.

Recall, a month has passed since the dismissal of the former director of the circus, but the question of appointment of a new head has not yet been resolved.

A representative of the only circus dynasty in Kyrgyzstan, Aida Akmatova, and a choreographer Zarylbek Moldobakirov, who has nothing to do with the circus, run for the post. The former deputy minister of culture Farhad Bekmanbetov, who was dismissed for the improper performance of his duties, also nominated himself as the head of the circus.

On January 21, circus artists held a rally at the White House. Its participants believe that the Ministry of Culture ignores their candidate, and the head of the ministry, Azamat Zhamankulov, wants to appoint his protégé to the circus. The protesters said that 34 artists were ready to resign if the arbitrariness did not stop. The minister promised to appoint a new director within three days. Deadline expires today.