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Public confidence in government falls in Kyrgyzstan

In the second half of 2018, the index of public confidence in state power was only 25.2 points, which is 2.2 points less than six months ago. The National Statistical Committee of Kyrgyzstan says.

The population confidence index is estimated in points — from −100 to +100. The higher the score, the more is the confidence. The survey was conducted in all regions of the country among 3,600 people aged from 18 to 75.

The respondents were asked three questions: «How much do you trust a certain government agency?», «How do you assess the level of corruption in it?» And «How do you estimate its activity in general?».

Residents of Batken region trust the government most of all (46.5 points), and of Bishkek — least of all (9.4 points).

As for the state authorities’ bodies, the people most of all trust the local state administrations (45.1 points), the State Agency of Youth Affairs, Physical Culture and Sports (44.8 points), the State Committee of Information Technologies and Communications (43.2 points), the Ministry of Emergency Situations (42 points) and the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism (39.4 points).

Kyrgyzstanis least of all trust the State Customs Service (7.3 points) and the State Penitentiary Service (10.2 points).

Slightly higher is the public confidence in the Ministry of Internal Affairs (13.5 points), the Ministry of Health (15.5 points), the State Service for Combating Economic Crimes (15.2 points), the Ministry of Economy (16.5 points) and the Ministry of Transport and Roads (16.9 points).

If we look at the analysis of the public confidence index in the regions, it turns out that some state agencies received a negative rating.

Thus, Bishkek residents do not trust the State Customs Service at all (−14.2 points), the State Tax Service (−7 points), the State Service for Combating Economic Crimes (−6.5 points), the State Penitentiary Service (−5.1 points), the State Service for Surveillance over the Financial Market (−5.9 points), the Ministry of Economy (−4.9 points), the Ministry of Internal Affairs (-3.4 points) and the Ministry of Finance (−2.5 points). The State Penitentiary Service (−3.5 points) and the State Customs Service (−1.3 points) have negative rating in Naryn region, in Osh region — the State Customs Service (−4.4 point), and in Issyk-Kul region — the State Penitentiary Service (−2 9 points).