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SDPK without Atambayev movement accuses ex-president of authoritarianism

Members of the movement SDPK without Atambayev intend to raise the issue of excluding the ex-president of Kyrgyzstan from the party ranks at an extraordinary party congress. The head of the movement Sagynbek Abdrakhmanov told about it at a press conference in 24.kg news agency.

According to him, Almazbek Atambayev uses the party to protect his corrupt friends, he created a personality cult for himself. Sagynbek Abdrakhmanov added that 99 percent of the Social Democrats did not support the former head of state.

He believes that following the instructions of Almazbek Atambayev, the provocateurs penetrate into the party conferences where the movement elects delegates to the extraordinary party congress and try to disrupt the meetings.

The last such incident occurred at a party conference in Sverdlovsky district of Bishkek, when MP Irina Karamushkina came there.

«She made a scandal, began to insult us. Although we were ready to hear her report as a vice chairperson,» said Sagynbek Abdrakhmanov.

He was supported by ex-deputy of the Parliament Daniyar Terbishaliev who said that SDPK needed to be cleansed. He stressed that all parties in Kyrgyzstan were authoritarian and there was no political competition in them, leaderism was flourishing.