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Almazbek Atambayev tells about his house in Koi-Tash

Ex-president of Kyrgyzstan Almazbek Atambayev told in his interview to April TV channel about his house in Koi-Tash village.

According to him, Albek Ibraimov came to him (the former mayor of Bishkek, who was arrested on corruption charges — Note of 24.kg news agency), and said that he began to build a health complex in Koi-Tash on the bank of Alamedin river, but could not complete it because he lacked money.

«He said he wanted to sell it to me, the place was good. I said: Albek, I have 6.5 hectares of land on the other side (of the river), and I have been planning to build a house there for a long time, a kind of ancestral estate. He said: this is such a place, a plot of 2.7 hectares, this is the place where your ancestors had a camp once, trees that were once planted by your great-grandfathers still grow there. Of course, I got interested because I heard from my father about the place where my great-grandfathers lived. And we came there. Almost everything was already ready, except for the house itself. That is, there was already the house, but without finishing. Two floors were built, the third was started. And I said again: Albek, I love one-story houses, especially since I have such an age, I don’t like to go from floor to floor, but the project had already been approved. ... And, of course, this place won me over, this is a very beautiful place. Moreover, I saw old trees — there are 5-6 such trees that were planted by my ancestors. Here, in Chui region, in the upper zone, they were planted by Asanbai and Atambai,» Almazbek Atambayev told.

He added that they signed a contract.

«Of course, I asked: from whom did you buy it? He said that he bought from a private person. Later he apologized to me for the fact that this private person, as it turned out, purchased this plot from Dastan. But then I had already bought this complex, completed the house. ... I gave you an example. I could earn almost two billion soms in a year. And I could build and I can build not only one such house. But I was shocked: it turns out that I needed, like many other rich people do, to buy houses abroad, to build villas in Dubai, in Turkey, in England, the USA, somewhere else, but I am not allowed to build a house on the land where my ancestors lived,» Almazbek Atambayev said.

All our bosses, officials, if you look at their declarations, all are homeless. Omurkulov is homeless. And in fact, their wives, sons, brothers, subordinate officials, and so on are registered as owners of their property.

Almazbek Atambayev

«Is it bad that an honest person, an ex-president is not going to run away anywhere and decided to build a house that will remain for his children, grandchildren, that will be a kind of tourist object? As soon as I have built a house there, the price of all the land plots around has risen. People earn on it and will earn ... What’s wrong with that? I could buy a villa on the shore of the Bosphorus or in Izmir, in Dubai, like others do,» the former president told.

After the April revolution, I have managed to transfer my money to Kyrgyzstan, I invested it here and I will invest it. And I can not be compared with those who hide their money.

Almazbek Atambayev

«And those who got used to stealing tell only lie about me. The Duishebaevs, Kaptagaevs, I do not know ... Who got used to be officials. Because when I was already earning billions of soms, many of today’s multimillionaires went to school or to college. They build restaurants, cafes, various objects, build houses in the center of the city, palaces on three hectares. And Atambayev, who himself earned money, wants to live in Kyrgyzstan. I think people will understand this sometime. Well, envy is such a dark feeling,» Almazbek Atambayev is sure.

I am an honest man! And I do not need to register someone as owner of my property, hide or buy an apartment abroad. You need to get used to this, and I hope others will begin to follow my example.

Almazbek Atambayev

Earlier, the theme of the scandalous house was raised by the former leader of Ata Meken parliamentary faction Omurbek Tekebayev ( who is serving a sentence in penal colony 47 on corruption charges — Note of 24.kg news agency). He said that the plot in Koi-Tash, owned by the wife of Albek Ibraimov, was sold for 33 million soms to President Almazbek Atambayev, who built a house there.