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Imams of Kyrgyzstan to pass re-attestation

The State Commission for Religious Affairs intends to conduct a re-attestation of the imams. The state commission reported.

In October, the imams of all mosques in the country will show their knowledge.

According to the new charter of the Spiritual Directorate of the Muslims of Kyrgyzstan, heads of such educational institutions are required to have a higher religious and secular education.

Last time, the country’s imams passed an exam in 2016. Then 92 percent of the clergy were not allowed to pass re-attestation because of the lack of secular education. The SDMK and the state commission decided to conduct their training.

According to the State Commission for Religious Affairs, there are 2,647 mosques, 107 madrasahs, 10 Islamic institutes and about 2,800 imams in Kyrgyzstan.