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Almost 35 billion soms spent on social sphere for 6 months

In January-June, the share of expenditures from the republican budget for the social sphere amounted to 34,932.3 billion soms. The Ministry of Finance reported.

According to its data, spending on the social sphere amounted to 52.1 percent of the total expenditures. Compared to the previous year, social expenditures have grown by 1,361 billion soms. Most of the funds were used for the social protection of the population (14,494 billion soms) and education (12,904.3 billion). At the same time, at least 6,178 billion soms were spent on health care. And only 1,356 billion was spent on recreation, culture and religion.

«At least 17,509 billion soms were spent on general government services, including the main sums of the state debt, 5,220.6 billion — on economic issues. Spending on environmental protection amounted to 296.5 million soms, housing and communal services — 1,139.6 billion soms,» the Ministry of Finance commented.