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40.2 billion soms spent on Kyrgyzstan's social sphere since beginning of year

The share of expenditures of the republican budget of Kyrgyzstan for the social sphere made up 51.3 percent. According to the results of seven months of 2018, they amounted to 40,108 billion soms. The Ministry of Finance said.

In comparison with the last year, expenditures increased by 15,512 billion soms.

The largest expenditures are for social protection (16,920.4 billion soms) and education (14,329.5 billion soms). Expenses for health care amounted to 7,232.6 billion soms.

General government services accounted for 20,177.2 billion soms of expenditures. This item includes spending on repayment of the principal amount of the state debt.

The state spent least of all on environmental protection — only 377.3 million soms.