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Education Ministry decides on beginning of academic year in Kyrgyzstan

The Ministry of Education and Science decided on the date of the beginning of the academic year. The press service of the ministry informed 24.kg news agency.

According to it, a new Basic Curriculum is to be introduced in Kyrgyzstan. Its project is being considered by the government’s executive office. The document is based on new educational standards, integrated subjects, the redistribution of learning hours in a number of academic disciplines. It is supported by a set of textbooks of a new generation for 5-6 grades.

«The introduction of new educational standards requires a careful approach, as well as the transfer of the beginning of the academic year. Despite the fact that an independent survey of parents, students and teachers has not revealed any negative response on this issue, the Ministry will again consider the issue following the adaptation of the new Basic Curriculum in the next academic year,» the Ministry said.

In the coming school year, schoolchildren will start learning on September 1.

The ministry noted that the decision was influenced by the fact that in 2018 a number of international events would take place in the beginning of September: the 3rd World Nomad Games, the 5th Congress of CIS Teachers and Educators, the CIS Education Council and the Council on Education of Turkic-Speaking Countries at the level of ministers. This will not allow a new date for the beginning of the academic year to become a real festive and memorable day for the schoolchildren and their parents.