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Adil Chekilov - silver medalist in Best Instrumental musical nomination

Kyrgyzstanis took part in the 8th World Championship among the artists — Art-Football Festival, held from May 25 to June 3 in Moscow. The official website of competitions reported. At least 16 teams participated in it.

Singers from Kyrgyzstan Adil Chekilov and Tolon Tursunaliev together with representatives of several countries competed for Inter team. In the group stage, they lost to Korea (2: 3) and Serbia (0: 2) but defeated Germany (8: 4). Then, at the tournament for the 9-12th place, Inter team lost to the national teams of Belarus (4:10) and Peru (5: 6).

The national team of Romania became the champion. Russia took the second place, Serbia — the third.

The team Rosich-Starko defeated the world team with a score 5: 3.

Participants not only played football, but also gave concerts. Adil Chekilov became a silver medalist in the musical nomination Best Instrumental.