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Retailers affected by Osh market fire hold protest in Bishkek

The traders, who suffered during the last fire in Osh market, repeatedly hold a rally at the White House in Bishkek.

More than 30 people have gathered there. They demand compensation for lost property and jobs.

«We ask for jobs as soon as possible. We were offered places, but nothing is organized there, just an open space near Bereket Grand. In addition, we are told that there will be no compensation. We will continue to come here until we are provided assistance. What can we do without compensation and loans? Everything burned down, and even if we are given new places, what will we begin with?» one of the entrepreneurs said to 24.kg news agency.

The officials are trying to appease crying and shouting women, they said that a commission had been set up that establishes the causes of the fire and the number of victims.

Osh market in Bishkek had burned three times since the beginning of the year. During the last fire, more than 300 retailers were affected.

In addition, a rally of Toguz-Toro residents, demanding the release of 12 fellow villagers detained earlier, continues at the White House (from Chui Avenue side).