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Wedding cortege amazed Bal Ganesh but did not hinder from marrying Kyrgyz girl

Bal Ganesh was born in India, in one of its southern states Tamil Nadu. Now he works in Dubai.  He was brought to Kyrgyzstan by love. He met his future wife Nurgiza, a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, in the UAE: the girl was looking for a job as a translator and travel coordinator.

"We spoke a lot about each other's country and our culture. I was immensely fascinated by all she told me about Kyrgyzstan which inspired me to visit the land one day,” Bal Ganesh told.

"As days passed, it was the year 2012 and was looking for a break to travel to someplace that is not so commonly explored by the regular "tourist". I thought: why not Kyrgyzstan? I got in touch with the same lady whom I met and told her that I was interested to visit Kyrgyzstan. She was surprised to hear from me and told that she would be happy to help me through the travel process. So, I’m married to her and we live happily together in Dubai,” he told his story. 

My vis-a-vis is not tired of admiring the nature of Kyrgyzstan, steep mountain peaks, raging rivers, and, of course, the hospitality of our people. "I'm a blogger and a photographer, 100% amateur though,” Bal explained.

I did some research and I was truly overwhelmed by the scenic beauty of your country. I realized my camera is going to do a lot of work this time.

Bal Ganesh

-What surprised you in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan?

-What surprised me was that such a quiet country like Kyrgyzstan has a respectable standard of civil infrastructure, socially responsible civilians, a conscious understanding of human values in all aspects. The men and women are well clothed and fashionable, everything I saw, held a unique panache. The country with such potential and a culturally vibrant land and I didn't hear of it or know of it yet. I wonder how many millions out there are unaware of the existence of such a country of charm.  

Another thing to highlight is the wedding scene I came across when I was visiting the Ala-Too Square. It was truly a rare sight for me at first. I saw a fleet of black SUVs honking and driving recklessly in the middle of the road.

Bal Ganesh

I then saw the bride and groom step out of the stretched limousine and their designated photographer taking pictures of them right in the middle of the busy road. I did not realize that I had my mouth opened and was watching the whole event for 15 minutes. I was literally speechless. I was not able to comprehend what was happening but I had my guide (now my wife) with me who explained everything. I thought to myself - that is a great fun way to get married.    

-What in Bishkek reminds you of your hometown?

 - Bishkek is unique as it is. There is no comparison. 

But to answer your question, I could say, in my hometown when the vehicles are waiting for the traffic light to turn green, they show impatience by moving their vehicles very slowly, crossing the stop line. I can relate to that and there are some similarities here and there.

Bal Ganesh

 - When you are at home, do you miss Kyrgyzstan and what do you remember most often? What places? 

- I have traveled to Kyrgyzstan at least three times and I am planning to come this summer also. I have been in Cholpon–Ata many times and I explore that region more than Bishkek. I like the urban life and the buzzing city but I keep that limited. I'm spiritually connected more to nature so I tend to be close to nature as much as possible. 

Moreover, my wife’s home is in Cholpon - Ata, close to the magnificent Issyk Kul Lake.

My wife and me have also traveled to Osh city by road which was an indeed a memorable great experience.

Bal Ganesh

-What is your favorite place in Bishkek?

 -It is very hard for me to say since I like every corner of Bishkek. However, I like hospitable houses of my friends. That's where we stay every time we visit Bishkek.

-What do you like in the national cuisine?

-That's a long list of things, I like beshbarmak, manty, plov, dymlyama and a lot of other things.

I like few things that are very dear to me: boorsok, lepyoshka, fresh out of the oven.  

My other favorite pass time snacks are roasted sunflower seeds and chechil (string cheese). I love to cook shashlyk with friends. I also love the smoked fish that you can get on the way from Cholpon - Ata to Balykchy, simply awesome.  

-What are you afraid even to try?

-Goat intestines and kidneys, I will starve rather. I'm open to surprises though. 

 - What has fascinated you in close acquaintance with the local population?

-Everyone whom I met was very friendly to me, they all left a great impression. 

Our friends would organize a good welcome party whenever we visit them. Moreover, I’m honored by their warm and friendly gesture to having me involved in their joyful events. We go fishing, skiing, horse riding, hunting and even to sauna sometimes.

-And what disappointed you?

 -There is no reason to be disappointed when you are surrounded by nature in its purest form.

There are certainly few socially, politically, economically challenging disappointments but that’s a common factor that exists everywhere.