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Residents of Toguz-Toro demand to stop construction of gold processing plant

Residents of Toguz-Toro district demand to stop construction of a gold processing plant. The head of the staff of the district administration Tabyldy Saminov informed 24.kg news agency.

Today, residents of the district held a rally with one demand: to suspend the activities of GL Makmal Developing, which is building a gold processing plant. The protesters believe that the factory can cause serious damage to the environment.

«People think that gold concentrate from the whole country will be brought to the plant for processing. Despite the conclusion of the relevant authorities, they continue to talk about the danger of the industry for the ecology and health of local residents. Appeal of citizens will be sent to the relevant authorities, and they will make a decision,» said Tabyldy Saminov.

This is the second rally against the construction of this factory. The first protest of residents of the district took place on February 1.

In September 2017, construction of the gold processing plant GL Makmal Developing began on the territory of Makmalzoloto industrial complex. The object is planned to be commissioned in the first quarter of this year.