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Approximately 150 people a year become victims of slavery, human trafficking

Approximately 150 people a year become victims of slavery and human trafficking. Deputy Chairman of the State Migration Service Almaz Asanbayev said at the presentation of the Government’s program to combat trafficking in human beings.

According to him, only a small part of citizens, returning to the country, turns to law enforcement agencies with statements that they were subject to exploitation, forced slave labor or were forcibly kept somewhere.

«This year, such appeals have significantly decreased. Only four criminal cases were opened on human trafficking. Last year, seven cases were opened,» Almaz Asanbayev said.

He attributes this situation to the fact that after Kyrgyzstan’s accession to the Eurasian Economic Union, our citizens have protection in the countries of this organization. If their labor is not paid, citizens can apply to state organizations for the protection of workers and law enforcement agencies in host countries.

«Now we are no longer migrants, but workers in these countries,» Almaz Asanbayev said.