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Parliament of KR permits transformation of arable land for road construction

The Parliament of Kyrgyzstan permits the transformation of arable land for road construction. Amendments to the law «On the introduction of a moratorium on the transfer of irrigated  arable land into other categories of land and types of land» were adopted in the third reading.

«With the sharp increase in the number of vehicles, there was a need to build new roads and bridges in major cities of Kyrgyzstan. This will create the prerequisites for eliminating traffic jams and infrastructure development,» the explanatory note states.

Today, the moratorium doesn’t apply to the transformation of irrigated arable land into cemetery land, the construction of general educational institutions and health facilities, sports and recreation complexes, military, border facilities and outposts, small and large electric power production facilities, gas pipelines and structures, logistics centers, industrial facilities.

The list also includes the construction of roads and bridges.

The law will be sent to the President for signature.