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Shares of Centerra begin to grow after statement of Government of Kyrgyzstan

The shares of Centerra began to rise in price at the Toronto Stock Exchange after the statement of the Government of Kyrgyzstan on the agreements reached with the investor.

If on September 5, the value of Centerra’s shares was $ 6.05, then September 6 — already $ 6.23, and today they have risen in price to $ 6.7. As a result, in two days they went up by 9.74 percent.

At the same time, the cost of a block of shares of Kyrgyzstan in Centerra increased for two days by $ 50,884,618 — to $ 518,792,148. On September 5, the package of the Kyrgyz Republic was estimated at $ 467,907,530.

According to analysts’ forecasts, after signing an agreement between the government of Kyrgyzstan and Centerra and settlement of all lawsuits, further growth of the shares of the gold mining company should be expected.