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Tenant of GUM gets money back only after appeal to media

The tenant of GUM got her money for the boutique back only after appealing to the media. Entrepreneur Adzheyhalum Shabanova told at a press conference in 24.kg news agency.

According to her, when the new shopping center was being built, she decided to rent one of the boutiques. It was necessary to pay $ 15,000. She paid the entire amount claimed within two years. However, when GUM was completed, it turned out that she was offered a trading floor on the other floor.

«When we met with the owner of GUM Nazgul Tyuleeva, I tried to prove that I chose another boutique, but in the end I was to blame. I wrote a receipt about the refusal of the lease. I was promised my money back within a month after the opening, which was postponed several times. But even after the official opening, I could not return my money for a long time. Then I decided to hold a press conference. Immediately after it, representatives of the shopping center contacted me and this morning they returned the money. I solved my problem. But other tenants also had similar questions," Shabanova said.

Lawyer Artem Ivanov told 24.kg news agency that it is more profitable for the management of GUM Chynar to settle accounts with entrepreneurs who found themselves in a similar situation. After all, according to the law, in case of going to court, entrepreneurs can demand not only the return of the amount of the guarantee fee, but also the payment for the lost profits and illegal use of people’s funds.