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Kyrgyzstan needs $ 40,000 for purchase of contraceptives in 2018

Kyrgyzstan will need about $ 40,000 to purchase contraceptives in 2018. The press center of the Ministry of Health reported.

Head of the ministry Talantbek Batyraliev met with representatives of the United Nations Population Fund. Over the past five years, UNFPA has allocated $ 2.9 million to our country for family planning means.

Family planning and access to contraceptives is one of the effective tools for reducing maternal mortality by about 30 percent.

Talantbek Batyraliev noted that everyone — from politicians to public organizations and foundations — should be interested in solving the problem that has arisen, because contraception affects the indicators of maternal mortality and the preservation of reproductive health of citizens.

«It is important that the process should be manageable and controlled, and that the goods do not get into the pharmacy trade network and to the bazaars," the official said.

«It’s a myth that contraceptives that are delivered through UNFPA are sold," Nurgul Smankulova, a reproductive health analyst at the fund said. «These contraceptives are handed over directly to the Medicines and Medical Equipment Supply Department and are distributed only through a network of medical institutions.»