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Relatives of St. Petersburg metro attackers deprived of Russian citizenship

Uncle and cousin of Akram and Abror Azimov, the defendants in the case on the explosion in the metro of St. Petersburg, were deprived of Russian citizenship. Life reported.

According to the agency, the uncle of the defendants Jurakhon Azimov works as a security guard in Penza city.

«The other day my brother Jurakhon went to the bank to transfer money. But he was told that his passport was invalid, and said to apply to the Federal Migration Service. When he came there, he was told that he had been deprived of his Russian citizenship by a local court decision. His daughter — me niece was also deprived of citizenship," father of the arrested young people Akhral Azimov told.

At the same time, Akhral Azimov added that he had not yet received any documents on depriving him of his Russian citizenship.

The investigators believe that Abror Azimov, who lived in Odintsovo, was the last interlocutor of Akbarzhon Jalilov, who blew up in the metro of St. Petersburg. Jalilov called Azimov before the explosion.

And Akram Azimov, according to the investigation, went to Turkey, wherefrom he brought money for the activities of the bandit underground.

Earlier it was reported that Abror Azimov partially admitted his guilt.

The explosion in the St. Petersburg metro occurred on April 3. Victims of the terrorist attack were 15 people, including a suicide bomber, more than 50 people were injured.