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Father of accused of terrorist attack in St. Petersburg metro appeals to Putin

Akhral Azimov, resident of Jalal-Abad, the father of Akram and Abror Azimov, accused of involvement in the terrorist attack on St. Petersburg metro, appealed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin. He asked the head of the Russian Federation to assist in the fair consideration of the case.

According to him, neither Akram nor Abror have any relation to the terrorist attack, and he asks to release them.

«The suspects in the organization of the terrorist attack signed documents under torture. The real date of detention of the Asimovs differs from the one indicated in the investigation materials,» he claims.

The terrorist attack in St. Petersburg metro occurred on April 3, 2017. According to investigators, Akbardzhon Jalilov exploded a bomb in the train that moved from Sennaya Ploschad metro station to Technological Institute station. As a result of the terrorist attack, 16 people died, including the suicide bomber, over 60 more were injured. Ten people were detained within the criminal case, including the brothers Akram and Abror Azimov. According to investigators, Akram «was engaged in falsification of documents of members of an international terrorist organization» in order they could enter Russia.

On February 25, 2019, the Moscow District Military Court began consideration of the criminal case on the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg metro. There are 11 people in the dock. The tragedy claimed the lives of 15 people, more than a hundred were injured. All persons involved in the criminal case are charged with terrorism.

The next court hearing is scheduled for April 2.