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Askar and Bermet Akayev publish book about future of Kyrgyzstan

Askar and Bermet Akayev published the book «Strategy of rapid development for Kyrgyzstan," the official website of the first president of Kyrgyzstan reported.

«What is the vision of a better future for Kyrgyzstan in the 2030s? What strategy is needed to achieve this future? Is it possible to form an information society in Kyrgyzstan that can implement the strategy of advanced innovative development of the country? Can Kyrgyzstan become an environmentally friendly country with energy based exclusively on renewable energy sources? Can Kyrgyzstan create a highly profitable economy based on the Internet industry and profitably integrate it into the Silk Road of the XXI century?» these and other questions the authors ask the leaders of the generation of the 2020s, seek answers and set out their vision, the website says.