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LDPR leader comments on deportation of Grigory Mikhailov from Kyrgyzstan

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky commented on the question of a journalist that the Russian Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan did not intercede for the Russian journalist Grigory Mikhailov, who was expelled from Kyrgyzstan.

«I have already told about it 10 years ago. I was there in 2006. Farafonov was also expelled from there too, we had raised the issue. And it is the ambassadors' fault, there is no protection. Why have you come there? Banquets, banquets, mountains, champagne, roasted lamb… Protect, people are repeatedly expelled from Kyrgyzstan," Vladimir Zhirinovsky said.

He told what the reason for his departure from Central Asia was.

«Do you understand why I left? I left 53 years ago. Then I realized that this is a national policy of the Communists — blow at the Russian people. Here is the result," he added.