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Drafters of withdrawal of land bill should be imprisoned

Those who drafted a bill on withdrawal of land for public needs should be put in jail. Ainura Jumasheva, a member of «Narod.kg» NGO, told at a news conference in 24.kg news agency.

According to her, officials do not understand the consequences of their actions. «Fugitive president Bakiyev was kicked out of the country for 60 tyiyns. And now the people will protect their housing. It will be a disaster for the whole country," the activist said.

Amendments to the bill affect not only Bishkek. If some head of a district likes a land plot, it can be withdrawn under the cover of public need.

Ainura Jumasheva

She added that a purposeful work is being done to destroy Kyrgyzstan. «The state will cease to exist if the land is given to the management of local kinglings. They want to erase the country from the world map. The bill is approved in secret from the public. Those who developed it must be imprisoned," the activist said.