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HIV-infected not turn for medical help because of discrimination in Kyrgyzstan

HIV-infected persons do not turn for medical help because of the stigma and discrimination in Kyrgyzstan. Deputy Minister of Health Oleg Gorin announced today at a meeting of the Social Democratic Party faction.

According to him, currently, 2,600 people living with HIV, including 417 children, undergo antiretroviral therapy.

In 2016, there have been detected 720 people living with HIV, only 451 of them turned for medical aid to the health care organizations.

Oleg Gorin

«269 people did not turn for medical help. This is connected with stigma and discrimination. We simply lose them. They can not be brought to getting ARV drugs," the official said.

According to AIDS Republican Center as of January 1, at least 7,117 HIV cases were registered in the republic. These are persons detected since 1987. About 6,747 of them are the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic. For all these years, part of them left the republic, 1,564 people died. Currently, there are 5,553 people living with HIV and 580 HIV-infected children.