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Russia not intend to pay for international audit of Upper Naryn HPP cascade

RusHydro PJSC does not intend to pay for the international audit of Upper Naryn HPP cascade. Deputy Almambet Shykmamatov said today at a session of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Legislation, State Structure, Judicial, Legal Issues and Regulations.

According to him, the Kyrgyz side has repeatedly called on the Russian company to hold an international audit in terms of return of the funds for construction of the cascade. It’s about $ 37 million.

«Selection of an international auditor is the problem of Kyrgyzstan as our side is interested in it. Russia does not want to pay for it. However, the commission did not discuss the amount of money required," Almambet Shykmamatov said.

Audit of an international company will cost $ 1.5–2 million.

MP Aynuru Altybaeva noted that it is a huge sum for the country. Moreover, the Russian side should recognize the results of the audit.