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Sadyr Japarov has lunch with students of Akylman presidential lyceum

President Sadyr Japarov took part in «Akylman» — in the world of knowledge" event at the presidential lyceum in Cholpon-Ata. The press service of the head of state reported.

According to it, upon arrival at the lyceum, the president got acquainted with the paintings of schoolchildren displayed along the path and visited an exhibition of handicrafts made by the students. Sadyr Japarov was shown an English language corner, the process of dubbing the cartoon «Keremet Koch», and was also shown a small presentation of a model of the future development of the lyceum.

Then the head of state addressed the teaching staff, students and their parents. He expressed satisfaction with the achievements of the students and noted that Akylman lyceum was opened for introducing innovations into the education system of Kyrgyzstan and achieving significant goals in this area.

The President emphasized that Kyrgyzstan follows the global trend in the development of natural science, mathematics, technology and innovative education, adapting new teaching methods to national characteristics.

The opening of Akylman lyceum was an important step in this direction. Last year, 72 talented students from all over the republic were admitted to the lyceum. The goal is to prepare these children for study at the world’s leading educational institutions, such as Harvard, Oxford, Stanford and the Sorbonne, on the basis of advanced international educational programs. The teaching staff was carefully selected from all over the country. They are tasked not only with developing the intellectual abilities of students, but also with shaping their spiritual, moral and cultural values ​​in accordance with the long-standing traditions of the people of Kyrgyzstan.

The president expressed satisfaction that in a short period of time Akylman lyceum demonstrated excellent results at republican, international and world Olympiads in mathematics and in robotics competitions.

The lack of selection methods and qualification standards has led to the accumulation of corruption and the predominance of incompetent personnel in state and municipal institutions.

In this regard, Sadyr Japarov announced the launch of the development of a law that would ensure the functioning of Akylman lyceum. It will admit about 70 talented and educated students per year. Afterwards, graduates will be guaranteed employment by the state, without the use of connections or bribes. The president called for strict oversight of the selection process, promising to investigate and punish corruption in this area.

The event continued with a concert program, where students presented a video and demonstrated their talents. The president presented the director of the lyceum with the keys to a car and a minibus for the needs of the school, and also talked with teachers and parents. Then the head of state had a lunch with students in the school canteen, after which he took part in the first meeting of the board of trustees of Akylman presidential lyceum.