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Court of Furmanovo city sentences Kyrgyzstani to 11 years in prison for murder

A court of Furmanovo city sentenced a Kyrgyzstani to 11 years in prison for the murder of his compatriot. The Ivanovo Regional Court reported on VKontakte.

According to it, the Furmanovsky City Court considered a criminal case on murder. The 49-year-old citizen of Kyrgyzstan was in the dock.

According to investigators, in early January 2024, the man got drunk and quarreled with an acquaintance from the Kyrgyz Republic. It all ended with the defendant attacking the victim with a knife and inflicting at least four stab wounds in the area of ​​vital organs. The wounds were fatal.

The court considered the case and delivered a verdict. The defendant was sentenced to 11 years in prison to be served in a maximum security colony. Until the verdict enters into legal force, a preventive measure in the form of detention has been retained against the convicted person.