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Digital Development Ministry proposes to create new state institution

The Ministry of Digital Development of Kyrgyzstan proposes to create a new government agency Kattoo. The ministry submitted the corresponding draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers for public discussion.

As the background statement says, the agency will deal with issues of population registration, paperwork on the acquisition of citizenship of the Kyrgyz Republic and renunciation from it, issuing personalized, identifying and other documents to citizens, issuing residence permits to foreigners and stateless persons, as well as providing other government and other services to the population.

Currently, these functions are assigned to the Population Registration Department under the Ministry of Digital Development. Creation of the new structure, the ministry believes, will make it possible to provide better services to citizens.

Implementation of the above measures requires significant financial investments in the coming years. Existing infrastructure, equipment and software purchased with donor funds will soon require replacement.

Considering that the main function of the subordinate units of the Digital Development Ministry is the direct provision of government and other services, in order to effectively coordinate them and introduce uniform principles and standards of service, it is proposed to reform the registration system. Creation of Kattoo state enterprise will also make it possible to introduce a system of material incentives for employees based on the performance of each employee, which will also have a beneficial effect on the fight against corruption at the local level.

It is also proposed to transfer Public Service Centers to the jurisdiction of Kattoo, which «will eliminate the plurality of power at the local level and require strict execution of the tasks and functions assigned to Public Service Centers.» In turn, it is proposed to empower Public Service Centers with the authority to accept applications and documents, and entrust decision-making to employees of the central office of Kattoo state institution. This measure will minimize the risks of corruption.