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Foreign agents law breaks Kyrgyzstan's commitment as member of UN Council

The international human rights organization Human Rights Watch reacted to the adoption in the second reading of the amendments to the Law on NGOs, initiated by Nadira Narmatova and a group of deputies, which provide for the introduction of the concept of " a foreign representative" (analogous to a foreign agent in the Russian legislation).

HRW Director of Europe and Central Asia Division Hugh Williamson posted on X: the organization is deeply concerned that the bill on «foreign representatives» was adopted in the second reading in the Kyrgyz parliament.

The bill breaks Kyrgyzstan’s commitment, also as member of UN Human Rights Council to uphold human rights.

Hugh Williamson

He also noted that the bill restricts activities of non-governmental groups, for example, in social services, welfare, education sectors and allows authorities to sanction NGOs for ill-defined ’political activities’.

«Civil society groups play a legitimate part in society and should not be stigmatized,» Hugh Williamson posted.

HRW urges the Kyrgyz parliament to withdraw to draft bill and engage in constructive dialogue with NGOs on transparency and governance issues.

Deputies of the Parliament of Kyrgyzstan adopted changes to the Law on NGOs in the second reading: 64 of them supported it, 5 voted against.