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Officials of Kyrgyzstan ignore World Press Freedom Day

None of the representatives of the presidential administration, deputies of pro-government parliamentary factions and officials of the Cabinet of Ministers came to the round table held on the occasion of the World Press Freedom Day, the protection of civil rights and freedoms in Kyrgyzstan.

Pressure on the opposition and journalists is a common problem, Makhinur Niyazova, editor-in-chief at 24.kg news agency, said. The society is concerned about the authorities’ attempts to shut up unwanted media.

«The pressure has increased even more over the past two years. The draft laws «On Mass Media» and «On NGOs» are actively promoted. The initiators do not hear the proposals of the working groups,» she said.

Makhinur Niyazova added that censorship is being introduced in Kyrgyzstan and its main conductor is the law of the ex-deputy of the Parliament Gulshat Asylbaeva «On protection from inaccurate (false) information».

She urged the authorities to learn to accept criticism, and not to advise journalists «not to scare away» tourists with negative information. Makhinur Niyazova called the demand by Daiyrbek Orunbekov, head of the press service of Sadyr Japarov, blatant impudence and stressed that the fight for freedom of speech must continue as the country faces unprecedented pressure.